Home sweet home

Thank you for stopping in and joining me on my adventure!

I’m a work from home Artist/Photographer/Musician/Wife and Mom with a veracious appetite for knowledge and adventure…

I have never kept honey bees. But now you can follow and keepa close eye on what it looks like to start from scratch…nothing like following behind someone to avoid pitfalls eh!   I have visited a few hives, researched a lot online, gone to a local NH honey bee club http://pemibakerba.org/  and even attended a Bee School but that just makes me a bee “aunt” one that knows all the answers but has NO REAL experience.

Well that’s what I want you to learn here -virtual experience. LOL

So come stroll amongst the posts as they gather and catch  the BUZZ. Over the next few months and years I look forward to interviewing other beekeepers and trying traditional and unique approaches to all things HONEYBEE.

A Big thank you to Jim&Lydia M who kept giving me rides to club rain or shine ( thank you Jesus!) and being my first beekeeping friends.

XO Diane